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Christopher Reeves Foundation; Mentoring Programs 

Strength Training and Recovery (S.T.A.R) is pleased to collaborate as partners with the Christopher Reeves Foundation to provide a peer-mentoring program for the state of Michigan in their national program. Classes are held for qualified participants in our conference rooms here at S.T.A.R.. The classes are offered for 25 participants  at a time to make the classes more personal to allow for a richer more personal learning experience. 

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Sponsorships For The Underinsured

Unfortunately, not all our clients have insurance that covers their recovery process. While S.T.A.R Rehab does control a volume of pro bono cases, sponsorships are also available for clients in need of our services. Sponsorships will give these clients an opportunity to further their goals. All contributions are tax deductible through the 501c3 non-profit, Guiding Star Foundation. Donors receive receipts for tax purposes. We offer full transparency disclosure to all donors of their funds. Underinsured clients on sponsorships are only billed for expense, not profit.  

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Adaptive Competitive Sport Sponsorship 

S.T.A.R Rehab works with a variety of SCI and Amputee clients at different levels of fitness. While everyone is not a Paralympic athlete, we do encourage everyone to be physically fit and active. We currently work with disabled outdoorsmen and local recreational level teams, as well as athletes from the Paralympic level. Amongst our therapy staff, we have several Paralympic referee officials and certified disabled sport specialists through Blaze Sports and the Paralympic committee. We can assist in your training or equipment needs at whatever level you wish to compete. 

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Sponsorships & Mentoring Program